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Default Re: Geforce 6200 spec?

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
I thought somebody at Beyond3D ran 3DMark 03 for fillrate test said 6600 is really 4x2 pipeline as Nvidia marketing never mentioned 4x2 pipeline but 8x1 pipeline, I think maybe the guy was wrong about the test.

If 6600 has real 8x1, then 6200 have 4x1, it can enabled 4 extra pipeline just like it did brought 6800 with 12 pipeline to 6800 Ultra level with 16 pipeline on softmod.
Go here for an explanation:

Unlike NV30/35/38 (which really are 4x2), NV43 actually does have 8 pipelines with 1 texture unit. But it can only output 4 pixels per clock. So going solely by fillrate, it would seem to be a 4x2, but when you investigate further, it still doesn't behave like a 4x2.

The fill-rate tests from 3DMark2001SE do not indicate an 8x1 pipeline, as you may expect given the NV40 routes, but more as a 4x2. This seem like a familiar territory, with NVIDIA describing NV30 as a 8x1 chip, when in fact its internal turned out to be 4x2, however in this instance it would appear neither of the models totally apply to the pipeline organisation of NV43.
It really does have 8 pixel pipelines, each having it's own set of shader units. So as far as shader performance goes, it will perform more like a 8x1 than a 4x2. Even though it can be confusing/hard to classify, the decision could turn out to be a good one.
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