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Question nvaudio on nforce2-ultra shuttle sn41g

I sent this in to the nforce-linux-bugs address but figured I'll post here too --
if they respond i'll update this thread

Hello, I've recently got the latest NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.0-0283 stuff going
on my shuttle SN41G2 (nforce2) -- most things seem to work, and it sounds tons better than the i810 opensource /
alsa drivers. I do have a couple of
questions for you though. I looked through the forum but didn't
see anything particularly relevant. My sound hardware is reported as
nForce APU / SoundStorm - nForce MCP-T / Hw rev a2 in nvmixer.

Here goes:

1. In Windows and on Alsa, I had to find and enable a "hidden" checkbox labelled "Alternate MIC Input" in order to
get my microphone to work. I
guess there are two possible (headers|addresses) on this hardware and Shuttle chose the wrong one -- is there a way
to toggle the equivalent of this "alternate MIC input" on your driver? If so, how?

2. On Fedora Core 1, hardware mixing (multiple userland apps opening /dev/dsp)
*mostly* works, but occasionally something will get hung up when a second
program tries to write to /dev/dsp. 'strace' of the hung processes shows its hung on repeated futex() calls -- I
(partially) understand this being
a problem with NPTL based kernels and a big problem since RH9. Is there any
way around it, like some option I can compile nvsound.o with to avoid futex'ing?

3. Is there any human-comprehensible documentation that describes what the
"Advanced" checkboxes do? Specifically I have:
What's that mean?

Thanks..overall this is quality release, it's so nice to have decent sound
in Linux, and a commercial-grade mixer app that actually understands the nforce hardware.
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