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Default Re: 6800 Ultra win in Xbit's CS: Source benchmarks

if you could read you would notice i said maximum perception is at 60fps at 75-80mhz..thats the best and prefered quality you could possibly percieve..i never said anything bout not noticing any less as of course you can but most arnt as likely to notice a short 30fps drops if your into the game, you obviously would be suprised to know of the countless different things most dont notice without side by side comarison....if you think its more responsive at any higher fps then its pschosematic..meaning in your head, look it up in the med journals....unless your eyes are an alien hybrid clone

Originally Posted by jolle
Sooo.. you wouldnt mind putting your mouse on PS/2 port and underclock it to 30hz then?
I mean your not gonna se the difference anyway right? with your human eyes..
hehe, IMO it feels more responsive the higher FPS you got, and CS:S is a comepetative game..
Im not that picky about it in SP games.

Scores are lower due to CPU bottlenecking I guess, which explains why AA doesnt lower the FPS alot either..
The benches arent made on the map the beta was running, it only had 1 map, and the maps are diff in CPU load depending on ex amount of loose objects handled by physics..
FS benchmarks timedemos with lots of action in them, Xbits benches uses timedemos with no action in them, no players, so that prolly puts less strain on CPU..
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