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Default Re: nVidia techdemo's running slow on my 6800 !?

btw, I believe that these demos are limited to 20 fps, no matter what, as even when I change the res to 800X600, it runs at 20, and at 1280X1024, runs the same (all three demos) If you force AA/AF, it has no effect whatsoever on Timbury, as 8XAA/16XAF looks and runs the same as 0/0.

To change res, edit args.txt in the bin folder.

Another fun thing: Edit timbury args.txt, but change the number of bugs to something like 400+. It makes for a great coolness, seeing hundreds(or thousands) of bugs exploding out of a little tiny plant. Mind you it takes longer to load, and once I got up to 4000 it wouldn't load.
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