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Post Threads that should be unsticky'd and why...

First of all, NVNews is great, my home and will continue to be my home Never have I posted at a message board that is perfect, but NVNews is close to it... the dedicated forums for big games are great, and the community is perfect. My only problem is... the stickys. Don't get me wrong, stickys are great, but one too many stickys causes a scrolling nightmare (and I'm at 1600x1200!)

Don't get me wrong, NVNEWS is my homepage, my favorite site, I think Mike does an excellent job, I just think pruning a few stickys would help clean the site up.

These are the threads I think should be unsticky'd

Games Forum- Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Thread
This forum was great, but Thief 3 is now very old, and the last post in there was one month ago.


Benchmarking Central- Post your 3DMark03 benchmark results here
This thread was great as well, but now that 05 is out, its popularity is dwindling.


Nvidia GeForce 6 Series Graphics Cards- GeForce 6800 power supply questions
I think all the issues people had, or has, have pretty much been sorted out. I don't think this thread is useful anymore.

Nvidia GeForce 6 Series Graphics Cards- I JUST ORDERED/RECEIVED A GeForce 6800 Ultra/GT/Standard!
Now that pretty much everyone has a 6800/GT/U I don't feel this thread is needed as well...

Nvidia Geforce 6 Series Graphics Cards- RivaTuner release candidate 15.2 feedback
Still an ongoing thread, but Rivatuner is software... dunno if it belongs in the NV Graphics forum

Theres a few more that I feel can be eliminated here as well, but those are the major ones.


Open Forum- The official car thread
This thread is rarley used, and the last post was from a month ago.

Open Forum- nV News IRC channel
Maybe an annoucment pointing to where the channel is located? Last post on this one was from a month ago as well.


NVIDIA Forceware Drivers- ForceWare 66.72 WHQL beta driver feedback thread
Old Drivers

NVIDIA Forceware Drivers- ForceWare 66.51 beta driver feeedback thread
Old drivers again

NVIDIA Forceware Drivers- Custom resolutions in Windows and games
11 posts only, and the last post was from over a month ago

NVIDIA Forceware Drivers- NV40 anisotropic filtering investigation
Last post was from nearly 2 months ago! Prune this one please!

NVIDIA Forceware Drivers- NV40 antialiasing sample patterns
This was an excellent thread, but we've all seen it


General Hardware- Danger Den - 6800 Water Block
Nice waterblock, but preorders are done, and well, I don't think this thread is very useful anymore

General Hardware- *** Official Apple/MacOS/NVIDIA on Mac Thread ***
An APPLE THREAD??!! lol jk In all honosty though, last post was nearly 2 months ago. Doesn't really seem to popular on an primarley IBM clone site...


CPUs & Motherboards- My APU campaigning finally sees the light of day!
This poll is almost 1 year old. I think the petition has run its course.


And one more quirk....

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A banned guy posting an announcement??!! Maybe Juice or someone can repost it?

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