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Originally posted by Phyre
I went out an picked up this game. And, it looks very promising. I don't know how I passed this one up the first time.

I do have one problem though. When I have enabled a pistol, see a turret, or someone carrying a pistol or other gun, there is a square in front of the barrel with what looks like a muzzle flash map. This can be seen when the gun isn't even being fired. Is this something that can be fixed within the DeusEx.ini file or User.ini file?

Game version is 1112fm btw.

You have to download the latest patch for the game. Go do and get it. Its around 30 megs, so if you are on dial-up, just let it go overnight. Shouldn't take that long anyways, but yeah, its a problem with D3D and NV cards I think. Patch fixes it and adds multiplayer.
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