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Default Re: nVidia techdemo's running slow on my 6800 !?

Originally Posted by T-1000
i can run any demo below 5900 but the 5900Ultra and 6800 demos run very slow
i get 3100 score at 3d mark 2005

that sounds right for a 6800 non-ultra. If that runs ok, then its not your power supply. What about regular games? Do DirectX games run smoothly while OpenGL games drop to 1-2 FPS? or do all games run fine?

Before I selected single display mode in the OpenGL section, I had the super low FPS problem for any OpenGL game, such as doom3, original counter-strike, and the nvidia demos.

I use dual-view, and still use it even with the single display mode selected for OpenGL. selecting that option does not change my dual-view situation at all. My desktop is expanded to the 2 monitors and games play on a single monitor while my desktop remains on the 2nd screen.

BTW, Which device do you have set as the primary device in the driver? Is it the monitor or the TV? If you are in clone mode, you could try switching them to see if that helps.
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