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Default Re: MSI 5900XT Lower overclocks with time

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
Damn, I underclocked my video ram and Max Payne 1 still hung up...

When I lower my FSB (CPU and RAM) it doesn't hang up anymore... damn, that FSB has been 100% stable for a year! (sig)
Is your AGP fsb always locked at defaults of 1.5v and 66MHz. If answer yes, then only slightly better suggestion is to set AGP volts to 1.6-1.7. With some mobo's/cards combinations and under extra loading from overclocking, the agp volts can get a tad low, or variable, for good graphics stability.

Also, when you start to see overclocking and stability getting worse, its a good thing to check all PSU and card/mobo interface connections since over time you get slight deterioration of contact surfaces and this obviously can affect stability.

Too many of us nowadays are overclocking everything without realising that apart from pushing our PSU's closer towards instability and shutdown issues, we are causing more and more slight drops in important PSU lines. These drops in volts will in turn have knock-on effects to the stability of CPU/GPU/DIMM/DDR inter operations.

And as has been said many times, poor case cooling can also have quite dramatic effects on any overclocking and stability. This can sometimes be down to either, failing/blocked fans where the problem creeps up on you, or, weather related which is usually more dramatic and is thus more obvious to the cause.

Unfortunately from my meagre comments, it can be seen that the kind of problems you have been having can be caused by a multitude of inter related things. It will therefore be most interesting how you finally resolve your current problems.
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