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Default 3dmark2005 and single tex shading

Out of the blue my single texture test freezes. After about ten seconds it moves on to the multi-tex test... My single-tex score is like 400 now while my multi-tex score is like 3700... What could be the cause of said issue?

Win XP SP2
6800nu 399/829 12/6 65.73
gig ram
2400+ @2.2ghz
multiple hard drives
thermaltake 480watt psu

install of windows is about a couple of weeks old. there are no errors in the event viewer. i get no bsod's, no artifacts, and my temps never get above 80 degrees C when running rthdribl for a hour.

edit: put clocks back at stock and it still doesn't work.... I'm stumped...
Athlon X2 3800+
1 Gig ddr400 ram
300+ Gig storage across multiple drives
PNY Geforce 6800 (o/c 399/829)

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