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Default Re: Anyone ever see any mythical/mutant video cards?

Those cards that BitBoys were trying to make.

128MB of DDR memory (back in GeForce 256/GeForce 2 GTS days)
4096mpixels/s (compared to 1000 of GeForce 2 or something)

Voodoo 5 6000
4 VSA-100 chips in "Quadrupule SLI"
128MB of SDRAM
molex connector
+ special intel decoding chip

pro video card (from 3DLabs I think)
32mb sdram (back in riva 128 8mb/savage 3d 8mb/intel 740 8mb days)

ati rage pro fury maxx
64mb sdram (in geforce 256 days)
dual chipset
(actually saw this one in a local store being displayed, had a pilot pic on it)
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