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Default Re: glx module is crashing x server

You may have discovered something about the 5200. Last week I had three NVIDIA PCI Quadro 280 cards in a six head configuration. I needed to keep the stock Red Hat 9 install so I did not install the 6111 drivers. I installed the 5336 NVIDIA drivers and XFree would randomly crash. Someone suggested that I downgrade to the NVIDIA 4??? driver and everything worked. We wanted a little more speed so we installed three PCI 5200 cards. The 5200 cards display lots of garbage with the 4??? drivers and the 5336 drivers. Currently we are determining what we will have to do to get the 5200 cards to work.

Also in one of my previos posts to this thread I described my troubles with a 6800 Ultra card. We replaced the PNY 6800 Ultra with a Gainward 6800 Ultra and it works fine.
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