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Default Re: Anyone ever see any mythical/mutant video cards?

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
Voodoo 5 6000
4 VSA-100 chips in "Quadrupule SLI"
128MB of SDRAM
molex connector
+ special intel decoding chip
About 50 of these cards exist and I think less than 10 of them are actually functional. I wish I could see one up close.

ati rage pro fury maxx
64mb sdram (in geforce 256 days)
dual chipset
(actually saw this one in a local store being displayed, had a pilot pic on it)
This one really did exist at retail for a while. The problem with it was Windows had to be tricked into seeing one chip as AGP and the other as PCI. While the drivers did their best to keep the frame rates in sync, it didn't always work. Further, the card could only utilize one chip in Windows 2000 (and half the vram) because of OS limitations and the driver trick needed to get both chips to be recognized.
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