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Talking GeForce2MX Madness

I'm upgrading a PC for a friend. This guys has a XP2600+ but, save for the MB and processor, he has told me to upgrade all the rest leaving me free choice but within a certain budget.

Now his PC lies open on my desk. Since yesterday I had a few spare hours, I digged out of the closed my old and faithful GeForce2MX (God knows how I loved that card) to run a few tests with modern games.

What impressed me most was Doom 3 performance. I've installed the demo and made a quick run through the three levels available At 640x480, low or even medium detail -with no shadows- it's perfectly playable!

True, my old faithful card was no ordinary MX. It's a ASUS v7100Pro, with core upped to 200MHZ (no big deal) but with 4.5nS RAM chips which work up to 250MHz (and I flashed the card to 225 MHZ which was well within their specs)

I wish I could spill some numbers but it seems that there are no timedemos included with the Doom 3 demo (I don't have the full version)

Well, it was fun to see the good ol' GeForce2MX in action, time to put it back to rest
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