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Default Re: FarCry 1.3 - OpenEXR HDR, 3dc, SM3.0 by default, more!

Originally Posted by Edge
Possibly the code itself to use Displacement Mapping, however changing level and texture data to take advantage of it would GREATLY increase the patch file size, and would take quite a bit of time to modify every needed texture for displacement mapping. I think we might see a few mod projects to add displacement mapping into the game, assuming the engine allows for it, however even from the start I thought it was odd that they were planning on adding such a huge feature into a patch.
They would not _have_ to change the textures ... but it would look better if they did. Such a mod is avalible for Doom 3, its called the paralaxmapping mod (aka displacement mapping)
However the creator states in the readme that for proper use with new maps color channels in the textures should be used in a special way. But it does work and it makes the game look alittle better with the original textures. The mod is 10mb big
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