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Default Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

My wife's GeForce 3 Ti500 burned up the other day (think the fan stopped working). Anyway, I need to replace it and am having trouble deciding on what to do. Here's the situation:

My son has a GF Ti4200 64MB card in his Intel P4 2.2GHz (an overclocked 1.6GHz) PC. He will definitely want to play some of the newer games, especially World of Warcraft. I thought about moving his Ti4200 over to my wife's computer and buying him a newer video card. I've also considered building my son a newer computer.

My wife likes games occasionally, but nothing more than the Sims 2 or something of that nature. She only has an AMD 1.0GHz system so is highly CPU limited (i.e. most newgen cards are way overkill for her needs).

Here are the options as I see it:

OPTION1: Replace my wife's dead card with an FX5200 128MB which can be had for $39.99 after rebates at CompUSA

OPTION2: Replace my wife's dead card with my son's Ti4200 64MB and buy him a FX 5700LE for $120. Would the 5700LE be faster than his Ti4200?

OPTION3: Replace my wife's dead card with my son's Ti4200 64MB and buy him a 5900XT for $190 or so.

Thoughts on these options or other suggestions? Thanks for any help!
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