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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by kahloq
BTW, the whole FXline isnt a bunch of doo doo as some are trying to mislead you. It is true, however, that the Nvidia 5x series didnt perform as well as the ATI 9x series in D3D games, however they did outperform ATI's cards in opengl. It is obvious that the individual I quoted doesnt know what hes talking about and is showing his preference to ATI. The 5700LE is not slower then the ti4200 and the fx 5200 is not slower then a gf3 ti 500. The 5700LE is slower then the fx 5600, but faster then an fx5200 and all gf4 series. The fx 5200is NOT slower then a gf3 ti 500, but is slower then a gf4 ti 4600, but faster then the ti 4200
Im sorry but most of this is total BS.

CS: Source is based off of the source engine which will power Half Life 2.

As you can see the Geforce 5950 got 26fps in DX9 and the 9800XT got 67fps. That is over twice as fast! Yes, the FX series is crap in DirectX 9.

As you can see here: both the GF3 Ti 200 and 500 are faster than the 5200 and the Ti 4200 easily beats the 5700le.

If you can wait two months or so for the 6600GT and X700XT to be released do it. But it sounds to me like you need something now and in that case go with the Radeon 9800 pro.

It's also funny you say im bias to ATI when I own a Geforce 6800GT.
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