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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

6600 GT is your best bet for price/performance but I don't think it's due out for a few months (by the time it gets to retail at least) So if you need to go with something now, I say grab the 9800 Pro. It's 199.99 or so and you can usually find a rebate or two with it as well at places like Best Buy, Circuit City or Compusa....even if you have a Fry's (which would be your best bet) Don't get anything from the FX series though, doesnt have the power for future games really. Not that the 9800 Pro will last forever, but it will last longer, and it will run everything out today and do a fine job at Half life 2 and Counter-Strike : Source, should your son choose to buy that combo. Goodluck.
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