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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Thanks for all the advice and replies. Unfortunately, I doubt an ATi 9800 Pro will work for my son as much as I wish that it would. I bought one about 4 months ago as an upgrade and could not get it to work properly (possibly because of the overclock I have on that system and the inability to change the AGP bus ratio). It would lockup after a short period of time in nearly every game I threw at it.

However, the Ti4200 in that system has worked flawlessly for 2+ years now. I wish the 9800 Pro would work, but I tried everything short of eliminating the overclock (because it would negate the system speed too much). I tried several re-format and re-installations and different Catalyst driver sets, but no go. Thus, I may be "stuck" with the Ti4200 on that system.

I guess I will just see if I can get a Ti4200 off of Ebay on the cheap for my wife's system. Then maybe build a new system for my son for Christmas...

One more question: Even if the Ti4200 is only DX 8.1 compliant it will still run fine with games that require DX 9.0c correct? Just won't have all the features supported?
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