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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by anzak
It's also funny you say im bias to ATI when I own a Geforce 6800GT.
I didnt specifically say you, but, you do tend to praise the ATI's considerbly more then nvidia' yeah you do have a somewhat biased attitude even tho you own a 6800gt.

Also, the CS: Stress tests are NOT OpenGL and I never stated the fx 5x series were better then ati in D3D. In fact I said the opposite. Congrats on linking A site that shows what you tried to say. But one site running limited tests in only a few special areas does not mean that the real world performance is what they want you to believe. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing you are that niave to take one site's limited testing to mean absolute truth.
You should know better then to say that a gf3 ti 500 is faster then an fx5200(unless of course that 5200 only had 64mb). You know thats untrue. Maybe in a few timedemo's or some instances, a chart can make it look that way, but it reality its not slower and you know that. Generally 5200's came with 128 and that is of course an assumption I had to make that you or the original thread starter was referring a 128mb fx5200

Enough bickering and it doesnt do the original poster any good for us to through arguements back and forth on whether a gf3 is faster then a low end fx 5x. He wants to know what to buy.
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