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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf5900
But the thing is, the only reason that nvidia is losing out frames in HL2 is because Valve is in bed with ATi. They refused to code HL2 properly to fully support the FX range in dx9 to make them seem worse than the ATi cards, which "are fully supported". The statement that kahloq is 100% true in every way, shape and form, it's just that using the HL2 engine as a guideline is a bad reference because of purposeful derogitory stance towards nvidia.
This is the point I was trying to get across and doesnt apply jsut to HL2 or CS stress tests. Most of you know that the majority of review sites are biased towards ONE brand or another and tend to post charts and praise that support their biased position overtop actually showing true and accurate information about both ati and nvidia. Yes, you can use almsot any game and do whatever tests you can come up with and make them sound important and even show a low end recent card performing worse then a card 2 generations before that one. Its simply just a bunch of BS. Its like Politics. You hear only what the person speaking(or reviewer) wants you to hear.
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