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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by NightFire
kahloq, old boy, I think I've hit upon a rather spiffing idea that could reduce the level of misinformation in these parts. We could start a compendium of review, gathering all data that has been published, and then generate honest, unbiased opinions on the matter.

How about it, eh? Or has that already been done? I'm too lazy to search.

This is getting way off topic. We need to ether get back on topic or start a new thread.

Originally Posted by kahloq
A nice database comprising of multiple site's results concerning the last few generations of vid cards with numerical averages as well would be a great idea. Except, lol, who's gonna spend the time to do it? I have college classes and full time job, so it won't be me
I don't have school tomorrow. I'll do the research. Anyways, we need a new thread.
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