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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by scaryogre
Thanks for all the advice and replies. Unfortunately, I doubt an ATi 9800 Pro will work for my son as much as I wish that it would. I bought one about 4 months ago as an upgrade and could not get it to work properly (possibly because of the overclock I have on that system and the inability to change the AGP bus ratio). It would lockup after a short period of time in nearly every game I threw at it.

However, the Ti4200 in that system has worked flawlessly for 2+ years now. I wish the 9800 Pro would work, but I tried everything short of eliminating the overclock (because it would negate the system speed too much). I tried several re-format and re-installations and different Catalyst driver sets, but no go. Thus, I may be "stuck" with the Ti4200 on that system.

I guess I will just see if I can get a Ti4200 off of Ebay on the cheap for my wife's system. Then maybe build a new system for my son for Christmas...

One more question: Even if the Ti4200 is only DX 8.1 compliant it will still run fine with games that require DX 9.0c correct? Just won't have all the features supported?
Well I can't say it will run fine. It will play the games, but the performance will suffer. I had ti 4600 in my sons computer a little while ago and it played UT2004 just fine. Yes it wont show features that dx9 supports, but should play the game, but over 800x600 resolution, your going to run into serious issues with lag.
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