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Default Re: Wife's Card Dead...Need some help.

Originally Posted by anzak
No, nvidia is losing because the FX really sucks at PS2.0. I can't believe people still argue about this. It has been proven over and over again.

Read my whole post. To back up what I said about the the FX 5200 and 5700LE I used UT2003 not Half Life 2. I provided proof that the Geforce 3 Ti 500 is faster than the 5200 and the Ti 4200 is faster than the 5700LE.
I didn't say that you were wrong. Oh and BTW i wasn't talking about poor PS2.0 performance. I was referring to the fact the the FX series should be pulling in a decent framerate in dx9 hl2 seeing as farcry is playable on it and it uses many more shaders than hl2. Shaders shouldn't have that much of an effect on the fx series within HL2. As i stated before Valve is in bed with ATi, so that in effect leaves the nvidia drivers compliance with very little if any support whatsoever. As for the other part of your argument, i do realise that the Ti500 is faster than the 5200 and the 4200 is faster than the 5700LE. i just find it a little pissy that us (the people with the high end FX cards) are left with last generation graphics because of ATi trying to improve it's sales over Nvidia. DAMN YOU ATI! DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON THE GAMERS!
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