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Default Problem with Asus GF4 4800SE

Hi there

Sometimes when I turn off my computer and then on again a min or so later it just hangs at the hardware detection screen, showing it has detected the CPU but it will not detect the ram it just hangs there, I can't even access the BIOS. If I leave the computer off for like a few hours I'm able to boot back up again fine.
This has only been happening since I updated to an ASUS GF4 4800SE, my old card was an ATI Radeon 32DDR LE. So I thought it would be something to do with the 4800SE, so when the problem occurs I put in my old ATI and no more problems it boots up fine.
I've tried resitting the 4800SE but that did not help.

Could this be a dodgy 4800SE?

My specs are:

AMD XP2400+
Soltek SL-75FRN2
Geil 512mb 3200 DDR
Asus GF4 Ti4800se
Seagate 7200 120gig HD
ThermalTake 420W PSU

Thanks for any help
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