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Default Re: replacing my 9700

Flame Content Removed --ChrisRay

OMG! For you to call me an nVidiot is out of the line. I am one of the few people here at nVnews who will stick up for ATI even though I own an nVidia card. I believe this thread is a good example . I do agree, the NV3x sucks, but you are wrong on a few things.

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
They have worse IQ than the ATI cards because they run fp16 precision most of the time
First off the NV3x cannot do FP16 only the NV40 can. Your thinking of 16bit precision. 16bit is only used when it does not affect IQ (which is most of the time). Based off of what you said I could make the argument that the NV40's 32bit gives better IQ than ATI's 24bit which is not true.

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
They are not true DX9 cards, they only emulate it and that's why they suck it at it.
Did someone from Rage3d put you up to this? The NV3x may suck at PS2.0 but it does not emulate it. If that were the case every SM2.0 shader would be placed on the CPU instead of the GPU.

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
ATI's drivers are good, they're not as bad as you make it seem.
I never said that ATI's drivers were bad. But they do have this bad habit of breaking things while fixing others. Also, ATI does not support many of the features which make nVidia's drivers great (i.e. Digital Vibrance).

Edit: Flame Content removed --ChrisRay

It's funny you say this to me when you clearly have no idea what your talking about. The NV3x fails to run PS2.0 well because it has poorly designed shader units! Also, the older 4x2 config is not as efficient as a true 8x1 in todays games. For the record I do own an FX based card. A PCI FX 5200 which I used for gamming for about 3 months.

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