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Default Re: FarCry 1.3 - OpenEXR HDR, 3dc, SM3.0 by default, more!

Originally Posted by tvlad
Hmm, i wonder what would the reason be for not being able to use the HDR coupled with AA, not that i have a Gf 6 though :P, just curious.
Seems to me that they WILL be using the 64bit FP FrameBuffer acctually, and THAT is the reason.. (opposed to the regular 32bit INT FB)
Guess that means that after the rendering, the image is stored as 64bit where it usually is 32bit.

But there are some drawbacks: With 64 bit framebuffer, no multisampling antialiasing is supported. This is due to limited bandwidth. FP64 alone (without antialiasing) should be slow enough, but we haven't seen any such demos yet, so perhaps nVidia will surprise us.
OpenEXR textures might be in FP16 format (64bit) aswell, opposed to the classic 32bit (INT) textures we are used to.
FP textures, another NV40 feature..
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