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Default Re: PCI 5700 LE 128 mb card....64 or 128 bit memory interface?

Not true. a 5700LE is a fully functional NV36 core, just at lower frequency. It's a decent Dx9 card, better than any NV34 core, and a good Dx8 part.

According to NVidia specs, a 5700LE should use 5nS RAM (2x200MHz DDR) and a core frequency of 250MHz. If the GPU is cooled with a fan, it's possible to rise the core frequency almost to non-ultra levels. The NV36, due to the framebuffer compression technology, seems to be less memory limited than other cards.

To know if your card has either a 64 or 128bit bus look at the layout of the memory chips. The TSOP memory chips used have a 16 bit datapath each. A board with 8 memory modules is likely to use a 128 bit bus. If they are only 4, then it's a 64 bit one. Pay attention also on how the modules are arranged around the GPU. If they are all placed at the rightmost end of the board, it is likely it will be 64 bit only. If they're placed around the core in a "L" shape, then chances are that the board support 128 bit bus.
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