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Originally posted by stncttr908
Maybe so but the HL mod community is still the strongest, because Valve actually supports it even after 4 years of existence. And there is no slowing down. If you look on gamespy, there are 100,000+ players in HL and no more than maybe 8 or 9k in any other game.

Not to mention the single player game was very innovative and unique. These things no only make it the best FPS of all time in my opinion, but the best PC game of all time as well. Long live HL!
Valve milks HL for all its worth and more, that's why they "support" it. because they either can't or won't release something better like TF2 or HL2, or any other new tech for that matter.

they give us rehashed expansion packs and GOTY editions over and over, as well as retail versions of mods. while admirable, i'd like to see Vavle devote some time and effort to something new as well as supporting the mod community.
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