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Default UT GOTY and Linux troubles

Hello everyone

I installed UT GOTY recently in my Slackware box. Everything went OK and i have installed the 61.11 NVidia drivers (my card is a Vanta LT, 16 MB VRAM, gosh, how old ¬¬).
In Windows XP, DirectX offers me a nice 50 fps in 800*600, 16-bit color depth and all textures in high, decals and dynamic lightning activated. The trouble in Linux is the game brightness controls don't work, evrythin is too dark.

The framerate is the same as in Windows (same configuration), but the brightness really annoys me. Does anybody know how can I solve these troubles? Do I need to touch anything else to make UT work perfectly on Linux?

Thanks anyway

P.D.: I tried Cedega, and everything works perfectly except only gives me 24 fps even in 640*480, 16-bit and everything low!
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