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Default Re: FarCry 1.3 - OpenEXR HDR, 3dc, SM3.0 by default, more!

Originally Posted by ultimate17
you're not missing much....seeing as the patch has no actual release date and has been "in progress" for months.

you my friend again are not seeing the whole picture. just like it happened to you with Doom3. what is more interesting is not the progress or lack of progress of this patch. but that this kills the myth that "there is nothing that can be done ,that X800 hardware can't do..bla bla.. is completely false" and that this is just the begining of things to come not the end of it ,since many other games (some not yet announced) will support the latest Sm3.0+ features in their games. SplinterCell and Unreal3 are just quick examples of games that developers already have told they are working on Sm3.0 and OpenExR effects in their games..
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