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Default Re: Problem with Asus GF4 4800SE

If my old Radeon works fine, then there must be something wrong with the 4800SE

Not necessarily. I had a inno3d geforce4 ti4200 128mb before i bhght 6800GT.
Wen i had my old comp [p3, 866mhz, 256 mb sdram, ti4200] etc., once after a few months, i overcloked the card, n the comp worked fine for a couple of days. Then it used to giv problems like reboot on its own. Sometimes "no signal" to the monitor, n sometimes crash b4 windows used to load. Sometimes system never started, n the infamous problem, the comp wld hang up at the system bios. Thats wen i thought my ti4200 was faulty. But i tried it on my friends comp [better than mine then, p4 1.7ghz, 256mb ddr, n stuff] the card, overcloked, worked buttr smooth. And on my comp, only the GeForce2 MX worked fine.. I mean it never gave any problems, n not the performance too.
Thast y, dont make haisty descisions, try ur card on a different system.
Btw, i bhght a new system, n my gf4 ti4200 worked really well,overcloked, for 8 months. after that i got my 6800GT.
wat if after u get a new card, the problem persists. The radeon card u use uses lesser power frm agp slot compared to the gf4.
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