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Default Re: NVN slooooooooooooooow!!! on OC-3 connection here

Well over the summer, lots of peeps were having problems and it definitely wasn't wrt me. When there were probs, there ended up being discussions on the nvn IRC channel and there was a consensus there.

Today, all I can say is that I certainly didn't expect slower load times over a T3 line (not normal for there anyhow) then with DSL at home. The local pages loaded normally there, so it wasn't internal to their LAN. Was heading to class though, so wasn't about to debug the universities network.

BTW, I'm not always connecting from the same place either, but can tend to connect to the forums from multiple networks scattered about (mostly somewhere on 2 seperate uni's with their own seperate connections throught the phone company) and the logged IP address field would probably show with my posts.

It's OK at home now, which doubly makes it wierd as an OC-3 has way more BW then my 1.5 MB down aDSL
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