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Wow, first post outside of "Linux and nVidia". Feels ... strange...

While I too liked this change the first time, there is something I'd like to add about the current ad (the one sourced at images/advertising/banner_nvnews.swf).

Some of us don't have Flash enabled, because it makes a lot of other pages that we visit load quite a bit more slowly. So we disable the plugin by not having a .so file in the Mozilla plugins directory.

However, this causes Mozilla to pop up a dialog every time it tries to load a .swf file, asking if I want to download the plugin. I don't, but I don't know how to tell it that. None of this would be a problem if it didn't just keep asking, every time I loaded a page on this site.

Anyway, would there be any possibility of reverting the banner to just an image (perhaps even an image of what the current ad is)? Or if not because you've agreed to keep it up for a certain length of time, how long will the Flash version be there?

I'd understand if you don't want to change it, but I'll have to figure out a way to bypass the plugin check if you won't, and I figured I'd see if you would revert it before I looked into that.

In any case, thanks.
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