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Default Re: Problem with Asus GF4 4800SE

no, ur PSU is/may be good, since geforce4 ti series dont require dedicated powr supply line, it cant b a problem in ur AGP slot, it may not b givin proper signals to the card. Or if not, then some other hardware issue.
Asus, MSI generally dont deliver faulty cards, thast the reason, i am askin u to try the card in some other pc, like i did in my case, wen i found out there was some prob in my mobo, psu etc, i sold my comp off for 100 bux

NOW, Iam not ASKIN u to sell ur comp or buy another, If u cant get ur card checkd at some other place/comp, Get it RMA'd/replaced.
N dont remove/figit with the FAN/cooler too often, for waranty purposes. The dealer can understand by lookin at the thermal compund underneath the cooler, wheather it was opened or no.

And to MR. VIbeS, try restoring the default clok frequencies, n if problems go well-n-good.
Overclokin Stability depends on other system components too.
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