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Default Re: How to have a LAN game with bots

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf5900
strange because i have steam, got counterstrike source from steam and am running the proper version. all i did was enable the devmode tool and do a bit of accidental digging. Why would i be a software pirate when i work in the industry that doesn't tolerate it?
Some of the histories biggest crimes have been internal jobs :P

But seriously what you say is hard to believe. The bots have been disabled in CSS since forever. Emporio's cracked release was the first to have bots enabled. It's one of the two most current CSS warez releases about at the moment. I sincerely think you are using this. I also doubt that you enabled bots with devmode in CSS Final as I just tried once again to make 100% sure and I certainly can't do it.

However if I'm wrong my humblest apologies. Please post detailed instructions on how you enabled the bots as I'm sure MANY people want this feature working on thier valid, purchased copies of CSS.

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