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Originally posted by StealthHawk
you've fallen into the common trap. many of the famous franchises were published by Nintendo, but not created by them. for example, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong Country/64, Star Fox.

even when referencing the GC's flagship games, neither Metroid nor Star Fox were done by Nintendo themselves.

Nintendo gets a lot more credit than it deserves for many of the great games it publishes.
Are you on crack or something?

From the franchises you mentioned only Golden eye and Perfect Dark arnt created by nintendo. And thats why when MS bought Rare these go with them.

Donkey Kong was created in the 80s by Shigeru Myamoto(SP?) i believe.

Metroid, Mario, Star Fox, Zelda, F-Zero... all are created by nintendo.
Nintendo now lets other devs to make some of their games,so they concentrate on creating new stuff. But still alot of ppl from nintendo are involved in the developing and make most of the important decisions.

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