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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas jacked...

Originally Posted by Phoking
why do u keep saying sony? they didnt make the game.. its only on their consoles.. Rockstar makes GTA games..

Anyways, I think popular game sites should not be making this kind of news so public (its on gamespot's front page). It makes more people aware and possibly interested about illegal topics. I believe this because there are always people on forums asking about where to get warez this or that who have had no previous knowledge of such things.
I say Sony relative to there system. For now San Andreas is exclusive to Sony, just like Halo2 to MS and just like HL2 to the PC. San Andreas is expected to be the biggest selling game on the Sony PS2 this year as does Halo 2 is expect to be the biggest selling game on the MS XBox this year. Both gamees are made by there respected devs one of which I note but what I was pointing out is that the game expected to sell the most for both Sony's console and MS console have been leaked nothing more, I am not implying or saying they were made by Sony or MS. You really found that so hard to understand? I guess others will to so here is a warning with even bold red letters for an emergency.

It seems some are getting confused so let me clarify. Rockstar developed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and not Sony. Bungie devloped Halo 2 and not Microsoft. Finally Valve devolped Half Life 2 and not...the PC.
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