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Default Dell 8100 Laptop + Linux = FN F7?

Hey all,
I've been looking around for a solution to the "black border" problem I'm having since I have a 1600x1200 laptop display but want to run at a lower resolution. The general concensus is to hit FN F7 (Font) to change the screen to meet the resolution, however, I noticed this has side effects. For instance, if I look at a website which has a photo image while I have the black borders then I hit FN-F7, it gets rid of the black borders but now the picture looks shaded in the transition parts of it. It doesn't look crisp at all. It actually looks awful.

Is there another solution I am missing to fix this so I get quality pictures at a lower resolution without the black borders? I can't imagine there is no way to fix this since I can boot into Windows and in any resolution from 1024x768 up the same picture looks exactly the same in each resolution.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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