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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

The shaders used by 3dmark05 are favorable to th Radeons, however, that just means the gap is even more in favor of ATi, but the gap is still there to begin with.

In real world, however way you look at it, a 5900 beats any 9600-9500 (xcept the softmodded 8pipe 9500pro, depending on clocks), but in truth, the 9700-9800 though I don't own any, seem better than 5900. I mean full fledged 8 pipe 256bit 9700-9800.

Though I'm very happy with my 5900. 3Dmark is not a game you know. So purchase keeping price and true performance in mind. When I bought my 5900xt (runs like a 5900U) almost a year ago, no 9800pro was anywhere close in price.

Btw, try to find a 6800LE instead.
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