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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

The shaders used by 3dmark05 are favorable to th Radeons, however, that just means the gap is even more in favor of ATi, but the gap is still there to begin with.
Shaders aren't favorable to the Radeons, it's plain SM2.0.

In real world, however way you look at it, a 5900 beats any 9600-9500
In old (dx8.0) games, yes, in thrue DX9.0 sm2.0 games, no.

Valve had to create a special mixed mode path (DX8.0/9.0) in the coming HL2 specially for the GF FX, because in thrue DX9.0 the cards cannot produce decent framerates. All Radeon300/350 cards fully render DX9.0 in HL2.

Now, I'm thinking of getting the 5900XT or 9800pro and flash either to 5950U or XT.
Without a heartbeat i should go for the 9800pro, in all coming gametitles (which require DX9.0/sm2.0 to see all the eye-candy) it simply kicks FX5900 ass, hard.

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