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Default Re: why do fx cards perform so badly in 3dmark05

Originally Posted by tyx
Alright! Its about time for me to get rid of my geforce DDR and get a brand new card. Personally, I was eyeing the 6600GT, however I have no idea when it will be avaliable and the HSI would probably put it out my budget. Now, I'm thinking of getting the 5900XT or 9800pro and flash either to 5950U or XT. Currently, I am leaning towards the 9800pro just because it performs better at 3dmark 05, although I am aware that it is the better performer.

Just wondering why the Geforce cards totally suck at 3dmark05?? It hurts to see a 9500pro the 5900U. Anyway, is it a driver probelm or something that will be solved in the near future or something like that??
Nope, since it's an architectural/design problem it's pretty hard to fix it via drivers. If you want something now, go with the 9800 Pro. But if you'd prefer the 6600GT and can wait a couple months, the AGP version should be out. Also, why would you need to worry about the HSI? That's something the card manufacturer and Nvidia deal with, not the end user like you. It may add a few dollars to the price of the card, but it shouldn't be outrageous.
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