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Default Re: 3D Acceleration

Originally posted by Dammedfool
I have followed the instructions and everything works fine, well allmost. The only thing that does not seem to work is that the 3D Harware accelaration checkbox is greyed out. As a total newbie I have no idea if this is important or not (although I suspect it is). If I want to play games like UT2003 do I need this and if so how do I enable it. any help or clues will be greatly appreciated.
I have a Gforce4 mx 440 card with 64Meg DDR
AMD 2000+
512 M DDR
Red hat 8.0
I started looking and just found where the greyed out check box is.

Mine is greyed out also.

GTS 2 64Mb
AMD 900
512 Mb
RH 8.0

I get 100 Frames per second for Tux racer.

Before I installed the NVIDIA drivers I got 3 frames per second.

So if you see the 1/2 second NVIDIA logo before the GUI starts then 3D is working, so just ignore the greyed out check gox.
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