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I'm using the ATI DVI->component dongle too to display on my HDTV. When I boot the computer the TV display is still enabled, (the TV) ... so i would imagine that starting X-windows would not cause it to turn off, but I could be wrong on that. ATI's website offers no info about X-window support using the dongle but they claim that "TV-out" can be enabled, this probably refers to the svideo output.

On to my issue... its time for a video card upgrade though and I'd like to switch to nvidia. I read somewhere that there's a reference design for 6800 ultra that supports component encoding, (component video output) but that no gfx card makers are bothering to make such cards.

Anyone know of any info on upcoming cards that support Component out, (nvidia)? I'd rather have a card than some transcoder, especially since the transcoderes tend to be HDMI to component and newer video cards have 2 DVI outputs. I"d rather not go DVI -> HDMI -> transcoder to Component. Less conversions is better... so are there DVI to Component transcoders? Ideally the vid cards would just start supporting component out but I fear this won't happen with newer HDTVs coming with DVI inputs.

Thanks for any info


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