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Default Re: Tim Sweeney V.S. John Carmack

I thought it was Cliff Blezinsky that coded the Unreal engines (or whatever he did). I guess he just works in design and some programming. Anyway I think John Carmack is pretty much considered "god" and Doom and Quake are proof of this. However, I really like the Unreal games. I love the big draw distance and how efficient they are (100fps) and there's a lot of Unreal powered games out there like America's Army, Rainbow Six 3 (and there's a lot more I think), and now Tribes Vengeance and that Star something game. Also, consider what has been shown by the Unreal 3 engine. Overall, I think I'm more fond of Carmack, but I think both are unique in their own way and should be greatly appreciated by everyone.

Last thing, what do you guys think of the CryTek engine. You got to hand it to the german guys. First game to support SM2.0b and SM3.0, first game that I know of with truly massive draw distance, first game to use many DX8.0/DX9.0 effects, free-roaming areas, really good vehicle physics, really good just overall physics, and first game to announce support for 64-bit (I think) and first game I know of that showcased true HDR (fp16 blending).
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