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Default Re: Another Review

Give it up Jakup, you know the game doesn't exist. There is no "Half-life 2", all these reviews are fake. They're just trying to majorly hype something to sucker unsuspecting people into believing that there's some great game coming out, and then on release day reveal that the game doesn't exist to drive thousands of geeks into commiting suicide. And every time you make another thread on the issue, you slowly become more and more likely to turn into one of those suicidal geeks.

Sorry, couldn't resist after seeing 10 topics on the first page alone started by you. Maybe we should have a "is Jakup overly obsessed with HL2" poll

Anyway though, anyone else think it's kinda funny that they always add in the scores for Doom 3 and Farcry when they reveal what the score for HL2 was? Comparing games is one thing, but it's almost like they're saying "look, this game is better than these other games!". I mean, I don't remember any Half-life 1 reviews saying "This game got 96%, Quake 2 got 89% and Unreal got 92%"
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