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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas jacked...

Originally Posted by Slybri
Bad for Rockstar you mean. Sony just makes the machine, not the software. But I suppose it is worse for them since you don;t need a modchip to play warez on the PS2, whereas you need to mod the xbox. Then again they probably could sell more machines if folks knew that.

Another point, the Halo2 that was leaked was in french. This GTA:SA is a perfect copy of the US release. Music and all.

Another thing...There was a Japanese copy of Ace Combat 5 leaked a week ago.
Lo and behold a few days later GAMESPOT posts an early hands-on of the japanese version which they happened to aquire. At the same time they rant about pirates leaking Halo2 and GTA:SA. Sure they could have had a copy imported, but I think they warezd it!

Still, this piracy is getting out of hand. I'm sure the next gen consoles will have all manner of devious pain in the ass counter measures to prevent Piracy. Which the hackers will defeat easily....

Still again, Halo 2 will make more money in it's first day than any movie's opening day take in history. I don't think Sony or Microsoft are that worried.
Bad for rockstar bad sony etc. Read back what these boys are saying there not saying Sony or Microsoft makes the games just that the game is for their system and it has been leaked. And come on thats a little bit out there to think Gamespot is useing a pirated copy of Ace. I have been following Ace with some other fanatics and I heard nothing about this leak but IGN also had a preview up the same day with the seem pics so it was Namco who supplied the copies and pictures to both sites.

I agree though pirating is getting out of hand. I buy all my games for me and my bro and it gets to me that some can get it free. I guess Nintendo was the smartest of the bunch, they lose almost nothing to piracy from the GameCube.
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