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Default Re: aha! DRI was the problem

Originally posted by shooter
Wow, removing DRI allows my system to run glx twice without crashing and rebooting. Thanks AlphaChild!

- J
no problem. glad that i could be of help

as for my problem, i changed my configuration to an Athlon 1.67GHz with a GF2MX, and all my problems are solved. it must be a configuration issue with the P2's and the TNT's. i guess that we will just have to wait and see until the next FreeBSD drivers are released

PS. FreeBSD is NOT a Linux. the only thing they really share in common is that they are both excellent free unix-like operating systems. Linux is better when it comes to support from commercial apps. FreeBSD is a more mature system tho. i think i'll finish there before i start raving
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