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Originally posted by StealthHawk
read more carefully.

Donkey Kong Country/64

even when referencing the GC's flagship games, neither Metroid nor Star Fox were done by Nintendo themselves.

all bold sentences were from my post that you quoted. i thought i was being sufficiently clear, but i guess not.
read my post again!
You said the franchises were not created by nintendo. Guess what? Donkey Kong = the same kong in Donkey Kong Country/64. The games DKC/64 were developed by a Nintendo 1st party. Nintendo owns the rights frr these franchises cos they created them.

The creators of Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid(Well, hes dead right? s,o its someone else)... are still producers/directors... whatever of these games = nintendo is in controll of the development of these games.

They didnt just publish them as you make it look.

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