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Originally posted by Gargr
read my post again!
You said the franchises were not created by nintendo. Guess what? Donkey Kong = the same kong in Donkey Kong Country/64. The games DKC/64 were developed by a Nintendo 1st party. Nintendo owns the rights frr these franchises cos they created them.
first of all, i never said that Nintendo didn't make the Donkey Kong franchise. but DK more or less fell off the map in the 80s and was revived by DKC in the 90s, and hence i called it its own franchise. but i specifically called it Country/64; there was no implication given that Nintendo didn't create the DK character.

yes, i think we all know that these characters are owned by Nintendo. but a rose by any other name should smell as sweet...

even when referencing the GC's flagship games, neither Metroid nor Star Fox were done by Nintendo themselves.
the implication being that these were franchises under direct Nintendo control beforehand. i don't remember if Rare did Star Fox 64, anyway.

The creators of Star Fox, F-Zero, Metroid(Well, hes dead right? s,o its someone else)... are still producers/directors... whatever of these games = nintendo is in controll of the development of these games.

They didnt just publish them as you make it look.
is that a fact? how much creative control did Nintendo give to Rare and the company that made Metroid Prime? i'm of the opinion that Nintendo might have been looming loosely over their shoulders, and had to give the final approval, but i don't think they were that directly involved. could be wrong, of course. comments made by Rare employees seem to indicate that i'm right.
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