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Default angled textures "jittering" or "ghosting" during movement with VSYNC ON?(CS:S and F1C

I have a 6800GT, using 61.77.. CRT monitor at 100 Hz refresh.. with vsync on, I notice that you can see some textures "jitter" or "ghost" when you move past them, with VSYNC ON. Like your seeing double of them.

I saw this in F1 Challenge 99-02. and I notice its happening in Counter Strike Source too..

For example, in italy, on the CT side, there's the white box that says Hostgae pick up zone or something like that.. When I run past it, it looks likes its shaking a bit.. looking closer, its actually ghosting, like seeing double. Sometimes its more appart at certain angles or places than others.. netgraph says I'm getting about 100+ fps plus.. it happens when also on some other places getting 50 fps. Sometimes its more apparent than others... Normally don't notice it too much if I'm looking straight ahead, but its there...

Turn VSYNC off, and it goes away.. although as crazy as it sounds, it definantly does not feel as smooth as 100+ fps should feel.

Now on F1 Challegne 99-02, this is apparent on some ads on the barriers while your driving past.. again, turn vsync off and it disappears. However, on this game, the frames seem more stable so I don't mind it of..
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